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Fics for 2015: #067 ~ Welcome to the Tri-mouth (1/10 Dawn/Lisa fics)

This is the first of a series of ten; set in my femalehusband!verse in an au version of jetwolf 's S8 BtVS continuation

Also introducing a sig-line banner made for me by clarahow @ femslashagenda .

TITLE: Welcome to the Trimouth

AUTHOR: kerkevik_2014

FANDOM: Buffy the Vampire Slayer (femalehusband!verse)

PAIRING: Dawn/Lisa

PROMPT: femslash100 #471: sticky



A/N: Trillium is at the centre of a triangle of Hellmouth's, situated in Cleveland; Syracuse and Washington DC; known as the Tri-mouth, it has become the main base for the Slayer's. Another base has been established near London, under the command of Kennedy; others will, in time, follow.

Dawn bit into her baklava; watching hopefully for Lisa's arrival.

Lisa had stayed in California with her father after Sunnydale's destruction; moving in with relatives in Cleveland for the same reasons Dawn lived with Buffy.

They had different majors; sharing some classes, but the longer travelling time had made this first year at college hard.

It had been a lonely week wondering if she would come this weekend.

They'd fought that last time at college.

She'd always looked forward to remainders week at Trillium's Public Library, and this was the first that conflated with free time for them both.

She knew Lisa would love the old shops in the district in which it sat.

If she... the barista passed her to open the door for Lisa as she walked in; arms full of bags.

She was wearing her mother's necklace.

Dawn, still full of doubt, pain, and insecurity because of her strange existence had.. said...

Lisa had lost her mother too; far too young to have any memories of hers as Dawn was blessed with.

Dropping her bags Lisa rushed to kiss Dawn, ignoring her stickiness; placed fingers over Dawn's lips as she made to speak, then kissed her again.

Goddess watch over us all,

Kerk TehKek

Tags: 2015 fics, btvs au, btvs post-series, dawn summers, dawn/lisa, femalehusband!verse, femslash, femslash100, femslashagenda, lisa
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