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Fics for 2015: #070 ~ Choices (4/10 Dawn/Lisa fics)

This is the fourth of ten stories set around the pairing of Dawn Summers and her friend Lisa from the season 5 episode, “The Body”.

TITLE: Choices

AUTHOR: kerkevik_2014

FANDOM: Buffy the Vampire Slayer (femalehusband!verse)

PAIRING: Dawn/Lisa

PROMPT: femslash100 #474: reunite



A/N: Trillium is at the centre of a triangle of Hellmouth's, situated in Cleveland; Syracuse and Washington DC; known as the Tri-mouth, it has become the main base for the Slayer's. Another base has been established near London, under the command of Kennedy; others will, in time, follow.

As her bus pulled in and she alighted, Lisa felt a weight lift from her.

No bible quotes; no relatives praying in thanks; no behind the back mutterings about saving her.

She was glad too that she'd not contacted Dawn; needing to think about what she was doing.

They'd had their first real fight; married couple's fight, where both weren't talking, because they didn't want to worry the other.

Making it worse of course.

That train journey home she'd never wanted to hold, or be held by, Dawn so badly.

She need... they needed to talk.

About love and family.

Goddess watch over us all,

Kerk TehKek

Tags: 2015 fics, btvs au, btvs post-series, dawn summers, dawn/lisa, drabbles, femalehusband!verse, femslash, femslash100, femslashagenda, lisa
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