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Fics for 2015: #071 ~ Becoming Pts I & II (5/10 Dawn/Lisa fics)

We are approximately three years past where the TV series ended. In this 'verse the destruction of Sunnydale occurred about a year later and now, two years later, the bulk of the Slayer Army created during those events is based in Pennsylvania, in the town of Trillium.

TITLE: Becoming Pts I & II

AUTHOR: kerkevik_2014

FANDOM: Buffy the Vampire Slayer (femalehusband!verse)

PAIRING: Dawn/Lisa

PROMPT: femslash100 #475: code



A/N: Trillium is at the centre of a triangle of Hellmouth's, situated in Cleveland; Syracuse and Washington DC; known as the Tri-mouth, it has become the main base for the Slayer's. Another base has been established near London, under the command of Kennedy; others will, in time, follow.

Institute meant Slayer Central; nobody in town was fooled, but Trillium had never been safer, so The Institute it was.

The nightlife had never been better either, with the males in town satisfyingly better behaved; especially the single guys who were married.

The residents also brought something into Trillium that it had lacked before; a cultural richness that wasn't from books and films; practical, not intellectual.

Dawn showed Lisa the best places in town; which included the library, which had seen its book collection rise stratospherically in quality since their arrival.

Lisa had never expected to feel so at home. 100

They talked; able to without worry of being understood by bystanders, about what they felt and needed and wanted, as they walked through shops, before ending at the library's new eaterie.

Neither mentioned missing parents; nor Sunnydale by name, though when they sat down that was all they discussed; almost all.

They were silent for a moment, each having a hand atop one anothers, when a woman; reminding Dawn a little of her mom, rose from the table behind them.

In heavily accented; coded English, she told them she might have a solution for them; apologised for overhearing them too.

Goddess watch over us all,

Kerk TehKek

Tags: 2015 fics, btvs au, btvs post-series, dawn summers, dawn/lisa, drabbles, femalehusband!verse, femslash, femslash100, femslashagenda, lisa
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