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Time for Change: YES NI!

 Goddess watch over us all, 
 Kerk TehKek


  Last night saw the Republic of Ireland's Presidential Commission officially sign the Marriage Bill 2015 into law. Marriage Equality is now a reality in all parts of the UK and Ireland apart from here in Northern Ireland. There is no time like now to make things change. As Northern Ireland heads towards it's fifth vote on the issue of civil marriage equality this coming Monday, we urge everyone to put some last minute pressure on their MLA's to clarify their stance on the issue. Over 4,000 people have already got involved and voiced their concerns with NI's political representatives. 

Who wants to stay on "the wrong side of history" .... ?

Click here for more info on how to contact the relevant politicians: Equal Marriage Northern IrelandYesEqualityYesEquality Northern Ireland,Gay in IrelandGay BelfastGay DerryLGBT + Lib Dems Northern IrelandSinnFein LgbtGayCork.comLisburn LgbtNrc NewryThe Rainbow ProjectThe Rainbow Project LGBT Centre - foyleAmnesty International Northern IrelandEquality and Human Rights CommissionPeter Tatchell

Tags: civil rights, marriage equailty
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