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Fics for 2015: #077 ~ Proverb; 4: 25 (BtVS AU; Tara/Dru)



TITLE: Proverb; 4:25

AUTHOR: kerkevik_2014

FANDOM: Buffy the Vampire Slayer (au)

CHARACTERS/PAIRING: Drusilla/Tara Maclay

PROMPT: femslash100 #481: bird



A/N: This is set in an AU version of the alternate universe created/not created (depending on your view of canon). I have written two longer fics based in this 'verse; these are included here with older links that will, hopefully before too long be replaced by ones more current. Comments can be left at these links, but I cannot receive any notifications from my old lj addresses; though I can check for any comments left. 10th February 2013
My Fic Challenge for 2013 #26 ~ Falling in Love Again: 1. Familiar Unfamiliarity 6th March 2013
My Fic Challenge for 2013 #35 ~ Falling In Love Again: 2. Shakespeare's Children


A/N 2: the full bible verse from which the title comes can be found here; the title version of it is a clue to events which will be more fully explored in a longer story, which has been too long delayed.


I like Big Bird better,” her sire complained.

She thought the tiny female perfect; recalling fear as she did the calculations in her head.

Taking care to note the necklace she desired; her sire, and the sunlight creeping through the forest canopy.

When all were where they needed to be, she utilised her newly acquired speed; grabbing the bird, and necklace, as she muttered a spell then, just before silencing her sire forever, she uttered a phrase she knew better than her own name.

Hush, or it'll really hurt.

Watching fascinated as Dru floated off on the dawn breeze, Tara settled back into the small cave to doze away the daylight hours; all the time planning her next moves, which would have nothing; yet, to do with Sunnydale, or whatever the town was her Dru had been dragging her new pet.

She kept her eye on the bird as it slowly; with what must be great confusion, turned back into a living, breathing creature; not the makeshift stake she had made of it.

Tara wasn't decided on what was to befall Daddy Dearest and her brother.

Cousin Bethany though? She knew exactly what she was going to make of her.



Goddess watch over us all,

Kerk TehKek



Tags: 2015 fics, alt-wish!verse, btvs au, dru, femslash, femslash100; tara maclay, prompt post, tara/dru
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