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My Fic Challenge for 2014 #15 ~ To the Last; They Guarded the Walls

this has been a long time coming, not because it is a spangel fic, but because my muse has been very much of the slippery lately. Lots of ideas and thoughts evading the grasp of my writerly fingers, just as they seem ready to settle.
It's also slightly late as spikesjojo's birthday was yesterday. I hope she'll forgive and enjoy what I've come up with.

  Title: To the Last; They Guarded the Walls
  Fandom: BtVS
  Characters / Pairings: Angel;Spike; Angel; Spike
  Word Count: 100

   They were all there was.
  Not too surprising really.
  They weren't Human; Shanshu having proven fraudulent.
  They patrolled in unison; sometimes apart.

 Not all that was evil had passed.
 There were no Slayers; though something of them lived in places.
 Vampires had not ended.
 They were here.

  They were all that was left.

  They patrolled together.

  They fought together.
  They lived together.
  They slept together.
  They'd both made a promise to a lady.

   And it was easier this way.
  No Slayers. No Demons. No Friends.
  Angel passed first; Spike not long after.
  Both faithful to the last.

   Guarding the Walls.

    Goddess watch over us all,
    'tis ok to be Takei,

Tags: 2014 fic challenge, angel, birthday fics, btvs post-series, drabbles, spangel, spike
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