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Posting two Nu Who drabbles to complete last year's fic challenge


in Glasgow to see La belle et la bête; a french version of Beauty and the Beast from 1946 (and by far the best in my estimation, , with a friend I made last year.

Also here to post the two Dr. Who (Nu Who) drabbles I wrote towards the end of the year. Both were posted anonymously as comments, but elisi was kind enough to post the first drabble to her own lj. contains the drabble which is an Amy/Rory fic, set on her fifteenth birthday. It was written for one elisi's daughters, Miss M, who was fifteen on the day I wrote it. It's entitled A Quintessential Truth, and there are notes included by elisi in the post.

The other drabble was written for the spouse of ozma914 here . He chose to post a poem for her, which inspired the subject of the drabble, which is about the love and life that never got to be between Sally Sparrow and DI Billy Shipton in S3's Blink.

I like to think that Sally "Sad is Happy for Deep People" Sparrow would approve as well.

Dec. 21st, 2013 11:27 am (UTC)
Birthday present for Emily inspired by her husband's choice of poem.
Lover's Dance

Sally Sparrow died that night.
Old stopped being sad.
Old stopped being fun.

Sally Shipton lived forever in a few hours.
Never born to die.
But she lived for him; her Bill.

Billy lived for an entire lifetime.
In her heart.
Both young and old.

Grey-haired; eyes shining with laughter.
Beautiful eyes that she never stopped loving.
She loved her life, for him.

It could never be her Bill though.
But she lived for him; loved for him.
She danced through life, for her Bill.

Always holding those old hands tight.
Loving her life and dancing the whole night through.
For her Bill.

Sorry if it seems a bit sad, but it's about life, and loving life. Even if you only know what it means for one night.

For music, check out Dinah Washington - Bill on nostalgicjukebox on you tube.

These two qualify as #74 & #75.

Have a great 2014,
Goddess watch over you both and all you love,
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