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Due to kick off in just over half an hour, the first of three National Scottish Girls Youth Cup Finals at Toryglen in Glasgow. 

First up
[?] SWF u15 Youth Scottish Cup Final Central Girls v Glasgow City 11:00 Ko Toryglen Sports Centre 


Then its 
 [?]SWF u13 Youth Scottish Cup Final Aberdeen 12s v Glasgow City Blacks1:30 Ko Toryglen Sports Centre
and finally we have 
[?]SWF u17s Youth Scottish Cup Final Celtic v Glasgow City 3:30 Ko Toryglen Sports Centre


Naturally enough, I'm hoping for a City Three-for-Three; also wishing I could be there. 

Still it's 

4 EVA!
Kerk TehKek 

EDIT: This was just posted on the City facebook page :- 

As a sports page, we cannot share an individual's post. However, we want to share with you a post by our Head of Youth, Amy McDonald which she put on her facebook yesterday ahead of the Youth Cup Finals today, in which we have a team in every final.

'It might not be the right time to say it but with all the youth cup finals tomorrow and the terrible events in Paris. I urge everyone to take a minute.

Your daughters give so much. They train. They play. They are happy and healthy. The result does not matter. The journey your daughter has been on does.

They have learned how to be part of a team, to communicate, be respectful and resilience when things have went wrong. They have developed. They do not need to play in a cup final for you to know this.

They are all amazing. You should be so proud.

Regardless of the outcomes all these young girls deserve to be celebrated. They do not require additional pressures from us. They place enough on themselves.

I am proud of the people and players they have became. Of every single one of our girls in our academy.

Let's make tomorrow a special occasion for all the players regardless of what strip they wear!'

‪#‎talent‬ ‪#‎hardwork‬ ‪#‎commitment‬

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